Granimals is a strain with a solid ancestry. A hybrid of Grape Pie and Animal Cookies, Granimals joins the heavenliness of the previous and the intensity of the last to deliver an indica-prevailing strain that has an enduring effect on your faculties. This bloom is covered with purples and greens, and the thick woods of trichomes nearly emits a silver gleam. Its smell will light sentimentality in an accomplished connaisseur, as it joins the pleasantness of Grape Pie with an uncooked, zestiness frequently connected with GSC strains. Granimals delivers significant levels of THC yet low degrees of nervousness—an incredible mix for those searching for alleviation toward the day’s end. Impacts additionally incorporate an unimaginable body vibe that is more shivery than hefty and a cerebral encounter that is quieting and euphoric. To put it plainly, this is an ideal strain for loosening up in the wake of a difficult day, and to band together with a back rub or hot tub meeting.